Greetings! I’m Shawn Kenneth Fernandes, the Founder and former President of the GEC Music Hub.

We’ve had an amazing two years of this music club here at Goa College of Engineering. There were events like Street Jams, Open Mics, Workshops and of course, our members having performed at the intercollegiate Battle of the Bands organized by the various colleges in Goa, TEDxGEC as well as our very own dear Interbranch festival called Tandav.

Whether you’re a musician, music lover or just another person who likes to sing in the shower, we’ve had a place for everyone here.

As I graduate, I leave you with two things:

1) The first is the sincere request to carry on what I and my batch mates started with the same enthusiasm and vigor you saw our students do everything in the club.

There are things that produce a sense of upliftment in man like walking down an empty road under a canopy of leaves through which you see the moon and the stars, or standing at a height to look at the city skyline; or listening to a piece of music that conveys more meaning in its notes, in its highs and lows and in the combination of various instruments than a literary article or a conversation.

Music is sacred because it lets us express ourselves, our true selves. Music is amazing because when you’re listening to music, you’re listening to yourself.

Amidst the hectic schedule, the insane mountains of Assignments, ITs, Semester exams and projects, we all need something to inspire us and give us something to look forward to. The Music Hub was an attempt to share the joy of what we, musicians, enjoyed so much with the rest of GEC.

Now as I leave, I can’t help but do as much as I can do make sure it carries on.

2) An article that was in the works but never saw the light of day. It’ll be up in the next post!
So with that, I bid all of you Goodbye and Farewell. Keep the vibe real and don’t forget to share the joy of our favorite art-form with as many people as you can.

~Shawn Kenneth Fernandes

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